Monday, August 26, 2013

6-12 Months

I am a horrible blog post updater! I usually post your milestones on your private page on Facebook and always write them down in your baby book and of course upload videos to our youtube account....wait with all of that said I guess I am not so bad at all! :)

At ten months your first tooth finally broke through the surface. You only needed medicine at night and only if you had a fever but you never woke in the night for pain due to teething. You are currently sleeping 12 hours a night and taking (if we cross our fingers, pray, hop on one leg and spin around three times) two naps a day! A few days after your first tooth broke through you went from army crawling to up on your hands and feet crawling. It only took 24 hours of learning to do this and you were as quick as lightning!

July 3rd, 2013 you learned how to pull up on to standing on your own. Daddy and I were sitting on the couch and you were crawling around on the floor. We thought its funny how much you like to booty shake to different songs and were enjoying flipping through different YouTube videos to see which one got better dance moves. When we put on "I'm Sexy and I Know it" you reached up on the ottoman and pulled yourself up to grab the phone and dance standing up! The next day at a friends house for 4th of July you were pulling yourself to standing on anything you could find.

You had your first sink bath, probably a little sooner then we should have because you got so excited you almost face planted in the sink under the water! Freaked us out out you recovered quickly and enjoyed bath time in a new location with your ducky. 

At 11 and a half months you started pushing yourself up from a sitting position into a full standing position using nothing to get yourself up. You look all proud of yourself then lose your balance and plop down on your bottom. Thank goodness for thick cloth diapers! You have gotten more daring at 12 months and pick toys up while you do this and shake them around while standing. Its pretty great to watch. 

The day before your first birthday party 8-16-13, you were given a new walker toy (a motorcycle) by your Uncle Ben and his girlfriend Erika. You stood up right away and took off walking using it. Like you had been doing that for AGES! Surprised Daddy and I! Now we take nightly walks outside in your squeaky shoes and your new walker and you are super fast up and down the drive way. 

Your first birthday party was a success and you thoroughly enjoyed every minute of your hot pink cupcake. We had a few small ball pits and brought some of your larger toys and all of the kids seemed to have a great time. Neenny cooked up a storm for some yummy food and we made a delicious pink punch. The theme was You are my Sunshine which was ironic seeing as how it was pouring down rain all day! Didn't stop friends and family from making their way out to your party and it was very obvious how much you are loved. 

We are very much looking forward to our first vacation in two years and our first vacation as a family this September. We are spending a week in Orlando at our time share and will do a few days at Disney. We are mainly looking forward to lounging around in the time shares lazy river and pools and just enjoying having nothing to do but enjoy each other for a whole week.

You don't watch much TV (except when Mommy needs a little help if Daddy has a night flight) but when you do you LOVE Mickey Mouse Club House. Especially Mickey Mouse himself. You scream with laughter, dance really hard and just smile up a storm. We are hoping when we go to Disney and you see Mickey in person you won't cry but smile. We know its a toss up because of your young age but we hope for the best. I look forward to being able to take you to Disney very much, its something I have looked forward to growing up loving the company and then working for and falling in love in the park for years. I can't tell you how much I look forward to many trips to come over the years and to see your face light up with joy each time.

Hopefully the next blog post won't take another six months. ;) We love you so much Avery!

Mommy and Daddy