Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ridiculous amounts of hope

Ok so I have been bad with this writing a blog thing and its mainly due to working at night and going to clinics during the day for school has been very taxing...speaking of taxes see more on the anger issue with that this year!!!

So here is an update for the two of you who are actually reading this thing. (thats ok, its more for the relaxation therapy of journaling!)

The civilian company that works with the Air Force to conduct the research and pay the employees that do...well to be honest I'm not quite sure what they do because the Air Force doctors who are enlisted in the service are the actual doctors who are doing the procedure, but the civilian company is a big part of who we are paying and what not....

So my doctor calls me from Texas (where we are having the procedure done) two weeks ago to tell me that the foundation that they have been working with for years abruptly went out of business two days prior to him calling me. He was calling to make sure that we had not sent our check for $4800 yet as they were still taking payments and not telling anyone they had shut down.....I mean you really hear about those things happening on the news but I guess the saying has to come from somewhere....You never think they will happen to you. No, we had not send a payment yet because Nicks signature is required on a lot of the paperwork and also we are still awaiting our tax refund witch will complete our funds needed for the procedure.

On the same front, there is two military hospitals in the United States that do fertility treatments for active duty military and their families. One is Walter Reed Memorial in Maryland and the other is Lackland Air Force Base in Texas. One is run by the Army and one is run by the Air Force. Apparently the Army has decided to take over the entire program and run the one based in Texas run by the Air Force. What that means is that now they are having to switch medical records and systems and transfer everything over....

The good news (if you can call it that) is that they have already contracted with a new civilian company that has a better established history and longer roots in the community so that part is already taken care of. What I was informed was that there is a chance that we could be pushed back to the January 2012 cycle due to the switching of the medical systems and the Army taking over the new contract from the Air Force. I was told not to buy plane tickets (thankfully we are driving) but to continue to hope that we are moving forward with the planned August cycle. (end of July/early August)

Basically to not count my chickens before they have hatched yet to continue to believe that they will hatch in August! (Or that "my chick/chickens" will be hatching in May of 2012 if the IVF works the first time!)

We also have to pray that the Fisher House (a non-profit military "Ronald McDonald" house on base, actually there are four houses with like six suites each) will have availibility for us. We stayed with them last March when we went down for our IUI (inter-utero insemination) but you will not know if there is a room available until the week before you leave! Since we were told to expect to be in the area for 22 days I know we wont be able to afford a hotel for that long and the Fisher House is our only hope. They have a really neat seat up there, At one of the houses there are six suites located inside, each with a bedroom and bathroom. (like a hotel room) and each house has a common room, living room, and huge kitchen. Each person has their own shelf in the fridge and cabinet. The only hang up is that people who are staying there are coming from across the country for treatment at Wilford Hall. (the hospital there that we are having our procedure done at). So once you are accepted there as a resident you have no limit on how long you can stay. As long as you are receiving treatment there you may stay at the Fisher House. There are people that are there for months at a time so it is just a matter of having a room available.

On to the taxes....I filed ours on April fifth. Yes, late I know this. However i knew we would be doing direct deposit which takes up to eight days and at the time I had not received our package from Wilford Hall about our IVF information which states that our check for $4800 needs to have been received by June fifth. Had I have known that earlier I would have filed in January to ensure we would have had the funds as early as possible. Today is April 26th and we still do not have our much needed refund. After two long hours on the phone with the IRS I learned that everyone who got the 2008 Homebuyers Credit is having delays in getting their refunds back since this is the first repayment year. Apparently they are having some sort of issue with the computer program that is set up for taking the repayments and this is going to delay us getting our refund at the latest of May 27th. Nine days before our payment has to be in Texas.

After talking to a very nice IRS man he offered to file a hardship case in our name and we are supposed to be getting a personal agent that will be researching our account and hopefully that issue will be resolved within 14 work days from now. Which is sooner than May 27th. As horrified as I am that it could take that long I definitely feel bad for all the IRS agents that have to deal with irate people about their two month delay on getting their refunds. I was not irate just stressed out and actually surprised myself at how calm and attitude free I was with this agent. I'm sure it had to do with the fact that he was adamant that he was doing everything to help and was very nice.

So a ton of roadblocks on the way to our sweet blessing but we will prevail somehow!!! Just take a deep breath, do some yoga and pray, pray pray.