Saturday, January 26, 2013

Months 3 to 5

I should start off the post saying that I can't believe that I have let nearly three months go by without updating your blog but then again its pretty believable when I realize how tired I am every day!

(Happily so.)

Thank goodness for Facebook and social media. I usually get so excited when you hit a milestone that I either snap a picture or post it to Facebook right away and therefore it is date stamped right away.

I have a few friends who have babies that are around your age and it seems like every single one of them has reached the milestone of rolling over from belly to back so quickly! As much as you hated tummy time I wondered how far along you would be. I quickly learned however, not to compare your babies progress with babies of the same age because milestones are met with such WIDE age ranges its impossible to compare!

You rolled over from belly to back on December 28th, 2012. Then as if you were trying to say, Oh yeah, you think that was cool? Check this out! And rolled BACK over onto your belly! That is quite a feat because the two of them usually come a few months apart. And lucky your Dad thought to catch it all on video.

A few days ago (mid January 2013) you pushed up with elbows locked all the way off your chest. You got really excited and screamed out loud.

Speaking of screaming you do quite a lot of that lately. Happy screaming and squealing! You are incredibly vocal and we hope you will talk early. :)

You LOVE when I read to you, you coo and and yell aloud and of course try to grab and eat the pages. I hope you love to read as much as I do and I especially can't wait to read you the Harry Potter series. Your favorite books so far are:

1.) Good night Moon
2.) Guess how much I love you
3.) The going to bed book

Tonight you objected when I lifted you off your play mat while you were playing with your bird toy. I apologized and put you back down and you went right back to playing happily. I guess this is another milestone for your five month mark! I read What To Expect the First year and its got a great list of different milestones and the age ranges for them. You frequently have many that you hit in the advanced age range.

We also got some real belly laughs during your fourth month. Daddy and I think the first one was when Mommy was making silly noises and started to quack like duck with a sore throat and you laughed high and uncontrollably, we died laughing ourselves. Every now and then we will find ourselves making all kinds of crazy noises to try and get you to let out a huge burst of laughter.

You didn't get a reaction from your 2 month shots but you did at your 4 month shots. Your little fever and fussy mood had me feeling very sad and sorry for you. :(
We put you in your bunny swing and you perked up a little. I tried to make you laugh by wiggling around and you screamed laughter. We actually got that one on video.

You LOVE to eat your feet and shove them in your mouth any chance you get.

I also got a fancy new Canon 50D to capture your rapid growth and many smiles and laughs.

We love you sweet baby girl and enjoy watching you grow every day!

Mommy & Daddy