Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nerd is just another word for Smart

Bookworm, Theatre-geek, Air Force Wife, Brunette, Nerd, Feisty and very talkative. 

I used to keep a journal in High School and have since learned to type at the speed of light. I figured this blog would be a great outlet for me to document our journey through many changes the Air Force throws at us as well as our struggles with infertility, my anxiety filled deployment days, and everyday life with my partner in crime.

 Feel free to leave comments but know now, if you are a reader, so am I. If you notice the title of a book in my post, and don't want any spoilers, skip it! On the other hand if you are reading along with me feel free to add your thoughts on the chapter or subject of the book!

We have been trying to conceive now for almost three years and it has been a monstrous roller coaster. If anyone has had any baby struggles feel free to comment right along with me. Too little women talk about a problem that is trickier than a jig saw puzzle and more common than everyone think. I talk very candidly about everything that we go through in our journey and am a child of two people in the medical profession, as well as in the medical profession myself, so hopefully anatomy terms don't scare anyone off. 

I have some issues with stress and anxiety and was suggested to write it down. Since I can type much faster than I can write, here we are.