Monday, October 1, 2012

Holding onto Memories

I need to find a baby memory book for you so I can remember all the wonderful, funny and silly things that have happened since you came into our lives. For now I will write them down here so I don't forget as my memory seems to be filled with, eat, nurse, play, sleep, repeat!

When we brought you home from the hospital we were very excited. Although we were having major breastfeeding issues with you. The lactation consultant said that she had never seen such a strong bite reflex! (You were supposed to have a strong SUCK reflex!) Thus, I was VERY sore and it made feeding you very difficult. Not to mention problems with positioning and milk production. :(

It was so challenging in the beginning. I was completely committed as hard as it was because I know there is no other choice for your well being that meets your needs so completely. We did wind up taking you to the ER on your sixth day of life because you were not having enough dirty diapers, which meant possible dehydration. And you were also born with jaundice, although thankfully not enough that you needed to be under the lights or that you had to stay in the hospital without us. Because of the jaundice however, you were extremely hard to wake up to eat. We had to strip you down to your diaper, wet you with a wipe, blow on you, move your arms and legs around all to get you aggravated enough to want to eat. Things settled down and I thought we had the hang of things but I was still really sore. So, Back to The Nesting Place at Sacred Heart where you were born I went. Turns out we made a little discovery about the shape of your palate that we didn't know until that day! (five weeks old) You have a little bubble shaped palate. This combined with the fact that I am very fair skinned has led to me still being sore. There was a little trick with latching however, that the lactation consultant showed me and now we are pain free. At six weeks of age you and I finally got the hang of it. At least until your first tooth comes in. :)

You are the hiccup queen, getting them at least four to five times in a 24 hour period. Poor girl. We should take up stock in Gripe Water because you need it to stop them. The doctor and internet resources say that they shouldn't bother you but clearly they do. You wind up ingesting so much air when you have them you cry every time. Hopefully they go away with age.

At around 5 weeks Daddy and I started getting real smiles. Not just because you were gassy, haha. But real, genuine smiles. We can't eat them up fast enough. Most of the time they are in the morning with me, Mommy, while Daddy sleeps and Daddy gets his smiles in the evening. You are becoming a little creature of habit. We both practice new and funny voices to get you to smile more all the time. You also love Mommys singing I discovered yesterday while doing the dishes. Tending to be a little fussy from 5-7 in the evening and already in your bouncer I didn't know what else to do to calm you so I started singing what came to mind at that moment. Disney love songs. :) You stopped crying right away and began smiling. I laughed and quit doing the dishes and came over to sing them right to you, it was pretty amazing.

I try to take a many pictures as I can of you because of how much you grow every day. You outgrew your bassinet at just four weeks of age and now you are already too tall for your infant swaddler pouches! My girl is going to be a supermodel! Everytime I try to catch a smile or funny face on video or on my cellphone you quickly stop and go to a stoic face. It's almost as if you know what I am trying to do! Better get used to it, Mom likes to take pictures a LOT. Not to mention scrap book! You will be grinning away and see the black cell phone come out and almost frown! Its very funny so I have to be sneaky.

Your doing great on your schedule with little bumps in the road like waking up twice during each nap the past two days. Glad to have you on a routine so we don't have to guess at what your needs are, you are able to communicate them more clearly because you know what to expect out of the day. You get sleepy before a nap and start to grunt/mini-cry to let us know you are hungry. All in all you are a pretty easy baby. The only time you cry is when you have a wet diaper and it is very quick as you seem to HATE to sit in them. I'm hoping this means you will be easy to potty train. Mommy and Daddy have been anointed with both pee and poop and every time its usually pretty funny. (after the yelling and screaming of surprise that is) We are a good team and get you undressed and bathed quickly after a blow out. All of this you seem to find amusing as well which only lends to us laughing more.

Besides your first bath (which you hated) you love bath time. You like the water very warm like Mom. We take turns who does the bathing and who does the baby moving. Your skin is pretty dry after the bath and Aveeno doesn't work well so we are on the hunt to get you nice and silky soft again.

Your on the way to sleeping through the night, (hopefully) since just yesterday you only woke up once at night. Really freaked Mommy out, sat there for an hour trying to figure out if I should wake you up to feed you even though the doctor said that I didn't need to at night anymore. You wound up waking up just a few minutes shy of an hour of me sitting there contemplating what to do. :)

Theres a little blue bug on your bouncer that you stare at with all seriousness until I shake it then you are scared out of your mind for a minute, eyes HUGE then go right back to looking seriously at it trying to figure the devil bug out. It is hilarious and sad all at the same time. I've only done it one other time because it is so darn funny. Although now you have wide eyes and open your mouth like you want to laugh.

You are also now at six weeks of age starting to "talk" back to Mom and Dad when we hold you in our laps talking to you. We get the biggest kick out of hearing you make little noises.

That's about all I can think of right now with my sleep deprived brain! We love you our sweet little girl.